What is HarmonyHUB?

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3 min readAug 3, 2020

Published by OgreAbroad, 3 August, 2020

Edited on 21 August to add: We have reached our goals, and have split the funds into an Operating account and a Promotions account. See our Account information by clicking HERE.

HarmonyHUB is the app being created by Harmony Community Node, with a bounty from the Harmony Foundation and P-OPS. We have heard the community’s concern. We need more marketing. Marketing starts with information. HarmonyHUB delivers that information. Let’s start with who we are.

Harmony Community Node — It is our goal to make Harmony a fun place to be. Our Validator currently has a 5% fee, and we are one of the top performers, consistently. A portion of the ONE earned by our Fee is earmarked for Giveaways, promotions, and rewarding the community with tips and contests.

How will the HarmonyHUB app help, and what information will it provide, you ask? Easy… We give you ALL the information, but just for Harmony stuff. No more searching through Twitter for 10 minutes, just to find dozens of Harmony accounts, and spend 5 minutes reading what you were looking for. Now you can see all those tweets, or YouTube videos if you prefer… maybe articles? All within seconds of starting to look…

It’s easy, there’s (Going the be) an App for that.

Special Thanks to all of the Harmony Angels for so many amazing submissions! Congratulations to @Eirianqc for the wining submission!

All this information and more will be available in the app… just for you. Over time, we will hopefully have a calendar of events, so that you can easily find out about AMAs, calls, discussions, and other ways to be engaged!

Benefits to Community Members — Quickly find the content you want, Videos, Tweets, Articles, and more to come… it’s easier than ever to stay informed, and provide meaningful feedback on the forum!

Benefit to the Ecosystem — Information flow is everything. Not only will HarmonyHUB help the community in the ways above, it’s even easier to introduce someone to Harmony, and have them start learning. As time goes on, we will include educational content as well.

Benefits to Investors — ONE place you can quickly find out what Harmony is doing, in a time efficient manner. Focused content, for staying up to date, when you have 5 minutes here and there.

Our commitment to you:

We started with 10k ONE self delegated. All earnings since we introduced a fee have been building up and has almost reached my target! At 100k ONE, we split a portion of the ONE into a secondary operating account. This will be the Promotions account.

We will remain transparent. We will seek to build value. In both Harmony, and our ability to help promote Harmony’s core values.

We appreciate everything that Steven Tse and the Harmony team are building, and are honored to be a part of helping to build it, from the Community side. Special thanks to the P-OPS team for all the help and support! 🙏🙏🙏

For the community. With the community.

We cannot do this alone. If any Validators or Community Members want to contribute to the Promotions fund, donations will be welcomed, and publicly mentioned, unless anonymous gifting is preferred by the donator.

Your support is appreciated. Delegate to the Harmony Community Node HERE.

Harmony Links:

Harmony’s Website, Telegram, Discord, Forum, Reddit, Github